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Heads Up For Kids

The Challenge The Reserve Bank estimates that New Zealanders are hoarding $80 million of old demonetised currency and holding another $80 million of foreign
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The Embassy Theatre

A star reborn... restoring and repositioning the Embassy Theatre

The Challenge The Embassy Theatre was a superb 1920's building in desperate need of renovation. The choice
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Transmission Gully

The Challenge Late in 2005 a crucial consultation phase that would determine a green light/red light for Transmission Gully was being conducted by Greater
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Eden Park

Eden Park – really listening to the neighbours The Challenge New Zealand had won the rights to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup, based on
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Americas Cup

So let’s host the America’s Cup from scratch under just one year?

The Challenge When Team New Zealand temporarily won the America’s Cup in a
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Summits for Ed

A tribute tour The situation The incomparable Sir Edmund Hillary passed away in January 2008. The funeral of this country’s most admired citizen was watched
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Maori Art Market

The Challenge Leading contemporary Maori artist Darcy Nicholas had the vision to build a unique new event that would draw together the very best
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So you want Lotto? The Challenge As Executive Assistant to then Minister of Overseas Trade and Marketing, Tourism, Sport and Recreation, and Publicity, Rt.
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