Law Changes

Want some help to change (quite a few) laws?

The Challenge

Getting the law changed is no simple task. There have to be compelling reasons with strong public support before the legislative wheels start to creak and turn.

The Solution

In 2007 Graeme conceived of then established the 14,000 member ShapeNZ online research service for the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Producing robust results, including the views of party voters, the research was able to de-risk decision making and inform policy development, helping its business leader clients successfully advocate:

• Emissions Trading as a means of lowering emissions and managing climate change

• Sustainable procurement by 34 core Government agencies (with direct operating purchases valued at $6 billion a year)

• Cross party support for solid waste going to landfills

• The greater use of National Policy and National Environment Statements

• Mass insulation of un-insulated homes (180,000 of 300,000 homes needing retrofit, now targeted in direct financial support, and loan matching support by central Government)

• Greater support for renewable energy options

• Use by advertisers of new databases allowing messages to reach specific market segments of “caring consumers” or “Solution Seekers”

• Introduction of higher emissions standards on imported vehicles.

The Business Difference

A range of progressive and achievable and practicable steps to enable a wide range of New Zealanders to make a difference for the environment and the way we live our lives.


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